Master Yun FengShui paintings are very beautiful , it also give you FengShui power and makes your house beautiful, and help to make you prosperous and elegant. Some of the painting will show peacocks in the daylight , but at night when you turn on the UV light, you will see star in the galaxy. So when you hang the painting at home, you will achieve the dream that you want, and when you go into day light, you will see the dreams come into reality. Master Yun fengshui art is inspired by great master of the West, from Van Gogh to Monet, to Chagall and Klimt. It also has elements from the East : from Zhang Daqian, to classical ways of painting. Master Yun fengshui paintings are inspired by the Peacock Buddha. When you collect Master Yun fengshui paintings, you are bringing home the power of the Peacock Buddha, prospering your benefactors, chasing away evil people.


Features of painting:

  1. Master Yun uses pure and high grade vermillion on his FengShui painting , in the words and the seals, just like what Master Yun uses to bless your Lotus collection. Vermillion attracts benefactors and power, and chase away evil for you.So when you have more seals on your FengShui paintings, you will also attract great benefactors and more power in your life.
    2.Master Yun writes the Lotus Prayer on his FengShui painting, it has happy and prosperity. So after you hang Master Yun painting at home, the auspicious words will go into your dream, making you wealthy, healthy, happy and attractive.


3.Master Yun FengShui paintings start with 3 layer of color-splashings. How these layers turn out to be, we are cannot control. But we can make the best out of our lives, with prosperity and elegant. Master Yun FengShui painting peacocks represent the best of you. You deserve Master Yun FengShui painting, you deserve Prosperity and Elegant.


  1. Master Yun fengshui paintings are the only ones in the world that emphasize greatly on the standard Dongba paper. When you buy Master Yun fengshui paintings, you are buying an artpiece that is valuable , and one that will  continue to increase in value.
  2. Other than Royal Princes and Princesses, the director of Louvre art museum also collects Master Yun’s FengShui paintings. So when you are collecting Master Yun’s FengShui painting ,you are also collecting a valuable investment piece collected by the top experts of the industry.
  3. Master Yun fengshui paintings use real gold. In the history of art, gold is used to portray gods and deities. When you collect Master Yun fengshui paintings, you are collecting an artpiece that elevates your soul and enriches your spirit.


Other than Master Yun’s fengshui paintings, China CCTV also specially requested to film Master Yun’s very unique and powerful ways of painting. From writing calligraphy with long pens, to grinding of finest grade vermilion and other rare and natural minerals, practicing taiji sword, and meditation. When you own Master Yun’s fengshui painting, you are owning an art piece that is more than just visual art, but also a piece of performance art, with strong and powerful energy.


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