This is where agarwood from Lotus on Water are from, the wild forests – these 7% of 7 out of 100 trees. Many realize the power and value of agarwood now, and attempt to produce agarwood in quantities through artificial forestry – inject the tree with virus and force the agarwood trees to secrete resin before its time. Without sufficient time to absorb the energies of heaven and earth, it is difficult for agarwood to have adequate Feng Shui powers to prosper a person.

With the scab, the agarwood tree is healed. Hence it is also considered the scented-wood of rejuvenation and rebirth.

The legend of phoenix is similar across many cultures. When a phoenix matures, at its peak, the phoenix builds itself a nest of agarwood, and burns itself to ashes. In the ashes of agarwood, a new phoenix is born.

This symbolizes the rejuvenation and rebirth power of agarwood. When we meet with negative energies, bad experiences, wrong vibrations, they are converted; and sometimes in our darker hours, the agarwood serve as the agent of rebirth, bringing us out of the valley into the light.

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云龙子旺财馆的沉香来自原始森林,而且是一百颗沉香木中的七棵之7%。现在许多人发现了沉香的 能量,便通过人工的方式把细菌植入沉香木内,以此迫使沉香木在短时间内分泌树脂。但在这种情 况底下,沉香无法获得足够的时间吸取天地间的精华以及凝聚可带给人们旺气的风水能量。


许多文化中都有着相同的凤凰传说:当凤凰成长至生命的巅峰时,它会以沉香为自己筑巢,并在筑 成的巢穴中将自己焚烧殆尽。不久之后,另一只凤凰将从灰烬中重生,这象征了沉香的重生与复兴 的能力。当我们碰上负能量与不顺心的事时,又或者我们处于人生低潮时,沉香可以为我们带来重 生,使我们走出谷底走向光明。