To have your personal Heaven and Earth jadeite ring, you must begin by choosing a powerful cabochon. A cabochon’s power depends on its quality (种) and transparency (水).

The cabochon represents “heaven”: have your personal universe to absorb all the opportunities and wealth and have them turn into energies that make you shine on the path of prosperity!

What else do you need after having the “heaven”? You need the “earth”. But where do you get that? Well, that comes from your jade ring. How can your “heaven” do without the support of the “earth”? Only when they come together, can your energies be transmitted beyond the stars and across the universe, to another realm you could never have imagined!

For the convergence of “heaven, earth and human”, you have to work extremely hard. Have the best treasure on earth, let the heaven bring you great opportunities, point you in the right direction and bring you onto the path of success!

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你要拥有一只“天地连理玉上玉翡翠戒指”,就必须先选上一枚强大的翡翠旦面,一枚旦面的强 大,就全在于它的品质(种)和透光度(水)。

翡翠旦面本身代表的是“天”,拥有一个宇宙,帮你把星空般的机会与财富给吸收进来,化作你的 能量,让你在旺财的道路上,闪闪发亮!

你拥有了“天”,还需要什么呢?你需要的是“地”,从哪儿来?就是从你的翡翠指环而来。拥有 了“天”,岂能少了“地”的支撑,“天地”连为一线,让你的能量直达星空,横跨宇宙,达到一 个你从来都没想过的另一个境界!

正所谓“天地人”三和,在“人”的方面,需要你自身的努力与奋斗。把最好的地理之宝戴在身 上,让天时为你带来意想不到的机会,再加上你本身一个明确的方向,那你离你成功的道路也越来 越近了!