Not just any Sandalwood:

Old Mountain Sandalwood from Lotus on Water. Old Mountain sandalwood leeches on very pungent weeds and other plants for survival, and before they can be harvested, they must be allowed to grow as such for at least 80 years. Still, they are extremely smelly.

It has to be put aside for another 20 years for fermentation to bring out the beautiful sweetness in the sandalwood scent. During this process, the energies accumulated over its growth of more than 80 years are converted, locked-in and ready to contribute. Then, we carve them. Into pendants, into statues, into beads.

For most of the sandalwood if you happen to bump into any outside, no one has 80 years to spare to wait for the tree to grow, and definitely not 20 years to see the log lay there as it accumulates power. They are usually perfumed. Or, they are simply normal wood and perfumed with chemically-produced sandalwood scent.

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老山檀香木一般寄生在气味比较重的杂草和其他植物上,它们必须如此经过八十年的生长才能采 收。八十年下来,它们累计了浓烈的异味。

采收后的檀香必须存放二十年,让其中的香味慢慢发酵出来。这个过程中,八十年来累积的能量将 转换为随时可以使用的能量。这之后,我们再把它雕刻成吊坠、神佛像和念珠。

不是所有人都有八十年的耐性等待树木成长,更没有人愿意在那之上再花二十年等待木头聚集能 量。所以你在外头碰上的檀香大多都经过人工处理,以化学物质使木块释放檀香的味道。