The power of Lotus crystals, and especially Lotus crystal Guan Yin or Buddha sculptures, is in the “human luck 人丁运”. Good health, good people relationships, good benefactors, good descendant luck etc. Depending on where we put it, there will be different focuses on these lucks.

How many should you have? There should be 2 Lotus crystals on each floor, or each area of fengshui.

And when you have one crystal placement, your extra personal collections, or when you are meditating, you can have them around the sculpture. There are some clients who have extra personal collections, maybe an extra set of sandalwood beads, just as a very, very good offering of incense to his Guan Yin sculpture. You enhance the Qi too, up the yin and yang.

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旺财水晶,尤其是旺财水晶观音和佛祖像,最能增旺人丁运。另外,旺财水晶摆放的位置还能带来 不同程度的好健康、好人缘、好贵人、好子孙运。


若你有一座旺财水晶,额外的旺财宝贝便可挂在水晶之上,静坐时也可将手中的旺财宝贝挂上去。 一些客人拥有好几件旺财宝贝,例如檀香念珠,将它挂在观音像上便是对观音菩萨最最最好的香 供。同时,你的气也得到提升,增旺了其中的阴阳。