We have to admit that certain conflicts are necessary. Without potential conflicts, there won’t be talks, there won’t be negotiations and discussions. All is but silent. Bad news for people in business. Bad news for employees too. There won’t be even talks about your promotion. Just still as water.

The key thing is to emerge victorious from such imminent conflicts and negotiations. That’s when your 一 白遮三丑 (one white covers three ugliness) comes in. Instead of defending, be assertive. Use your Imperial White Inkstone to up your status, power, benefactors, and subdue the negativity that might emerge from the conflicts.

with one Imperial White Inkstone, while you are covering the conflicts from 3 sides, you are also boosting your benefactor and victory power.

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我们必须承认,没有冲突就没有谈判,没有磋商,没有讨论,一切将静止。无论对生意人还是雇员 都是坏消息,连你升职的面试也会泡汤,一切静如水。

所以关键是如何在这些无法避免的冲突和协商中取胜。这就是一白遮三丑派上用场的时候。与其坐 以待毙,还不如采取主动,用你的御用白端增旺你的地位运、权力运、贵人运,并吸收造成冲突的 所有负能量。