In Lotus on Water, we have seen people who came to us in desperate time, in desperate needs, even in a nearly bankrupt state.

This client came to us in 2007, at that point of time, her husband business failed, so she had to sell everything, including her diamonds, her watches, all houses and cars, they have no money, they can only get the government housing in Singapore (HDB flat), and they can only rent one.

That was in 2008 April, so she came over here, there was nothing much she can do, she could only try her best, I think with all the money she has left to start with something that’s very entry of Lotus jadeite to begin with.

Slowly, over time, her husband got a new business, her kids are getting better, it took some time, but in 2012, 2013, they managed to get a house again, and that house was worth about 5 million SGD!

You can be the next to prosper like them.



A client from Russian, tall guy, super tall guy, when he came to Singapore, he was invited by the Singapore government actually to go to Singapore to do business with the Singapore government, so he came to Singapore and he told his taxi driver:”Please bring me to the best fengshui gallery in Singapore.”. So his driver, not really understanding what he meant, brought him to a more random place, and he saw that thing, he didn’t like it, he said:”This thing is not my standard.”. And he didn’t like it.

So he told his driver again:”No, let me repeat, bring me to the best fengshui gallery in Singapore.”. And his driver said:”Well, I understand, you want to go to the place that might be the most expensive.”. So he brought them to the Lotus on Water gallery, and he came over here and he explained, and he said:”Yes! This is the kind of standard that I want, and his first purchase with Lotus on Water, his first investment, was about SGD165,000+, a beautiful Lotus crystal sculpture.

That was in 2014, and today he is still our very good client, over these 3 years, I think he has bought, invested, of course his life’s got better and better, he sold off one of his business at SGD4,200,000, and he goes on and goes on. Until now I think he has bought, invested over SGD1,000,000 in his Lotus Collections.